2017-06-12 | 06:43:41

Meet Michael Brett and Follow his Inspiring Adventure in Spain

We recently donated $1,000 to Michael (Grey) Brett, who will be competing in the World Transplant Games in Spain this summer. We asked Michael to send us his story so that we can share it with you all and be inspired, so please read on...My name is...

2017-04-12 | 06:11:35

New Home Checklist

Are you looking to buy a house? We've created a checklist to help you along the way. Click on the link below the image to download a PDF copy.  Click here to download a PDF version of the checklist...

2017-03-22 | 06:56:47

Glossary of Mortgage Terms

Glossary of Mortgage TermsWe've compiled a list of mortgage terms for your reference.  AAgreement of Purchase and SaleA legal agreement that offers a certain price for a home. The offer may be firm (no conditions attached), or conditional (certain...

2017-03-06 | 09:29:37

Change of Address Checklist

Are you moving? Or maybe you haven't changed your address yet? We've created an address change checklist to help you with that! Click on the image below to download a PDF copy. ...

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